Fall Fashion

How We Look Now,by Lizbeth Levine
The new confidence game-when it comes to fashion, Chicagoans are chicer and more internationally in the know than ever.

One Fine Day,by Stacey Jones
Stepping out-color and texture heat up divine designs for the start of another active social season.

Suit Yourself,by Stacey Jones
The power brokers-real men are dressing up again to make friends and influence people.

Suit Yourself, by Stacey Jones
The right accessories add polish, prettiness, and a distinctive and irresistible element of surprise.

Success 101, by John Balz
University of Chicago president Don Randel has won over a tough home crowd-all the while enacting most of his ousted predecessor’s controversial agenda. His smooth transition demonstrates the art of persuasion, and it’s good news for the school.

The Bully of Toulon, by Robert Kurson
For years, many in this close-knit Illinois town feared what Curt Thompson might do. Some said he was crazy. Almost everyone tried to avoid him. But when he finally turned to violence, it was deadlier than any of them had ever imagined.




The party you can’t miss; an alt-metal singer you can’t ignore; sightseeing with the Rolling Stones; more

Style Sheet, by Stacy Wallace-Albert
Fall’s fab footwear-these boots were made for walking. Porte Rouge, a new shop on Division Street, delivers the romance of France in accessories for the home.

Arts Beat
Is the proposed Music and Dance Theater really necessary? Also: Renowned fiddler Liz Carroll lights up Celtic fest; Roy Boyd Gallery turns 30; Stones ticket prices surge.

Reporter | Rock of Ages, by Joel Reese
The legendary rock station WXRT-FM tries to stay hip as it enters its fourth decade.

Real Lives | Short Cuts, by Marcia Froelke Coburn
At Karma, an Andersonville hair salon, the cuts are short and au courant, and dish is de rigueur.

Dining Out | Special Teams, by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Everything’s beefy, as expected, at two testosterone-fueled spots owned by football legends.

Sports | A Bout with Notoriety, by David Zivan
Seventy-five years ago, Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney slugged it out at Soldier Field before more than 100,000 fans, in an epic that became known as the Battle of the Long Count.

Deal Estate, by Dennis Rodkin
Two unique Chicago homes, an update on sales of new houses, and three condo buildings from B.J. Spathies

Nightspotting, by Sarah Preston
Hogs & Honeys, Funk Groove Bar, BUtterfield 8

The Closer, by Jeff Ruby
Making it taste like chocolate was just the first step in moving the martini away from its classic origins. But lately things are really getting out of control. What will they think of next?