How to Get Smarter, edited by David Zivan
A gathering of brilliant ideas, bright people, and sharp suggestions guaranteed to get the synapses firing

What I Know
Successful Chicagoans reveal the life lessons and insights they carry with them every day.

Somebody Give This Guy A Genius Grant, by David Zivan
We found the smartest man in Chicago. He drives a truck.

20 Ways to Feed Your Head, by Michael Austin
Engaging activities of all sorts to help you get the most out of the examined life

Nature + Nurture = Genius, by Jonathan Black
Anxiety about raising bright kids has reached an all-time high. Are prenatal flashcards the way to go?

The 47 Smartest Chicagoans of All Time
Rocket scientists, tycoons, university scholars, politicians-and a couple of brothel madams thrown in for good measure

Breaking the Code, by Bryan Smith
At Cook County Jail, accused criminals await trial while guards struggle to keep them in line. Now two former guards allege that some of their colleagues crossed the line between appropriate force and brutality. But in violating their profession’s code of silence, the two ex-guards say they have paid a heavy price.

Fall Fashion, by Stacey Jones
In a season that looks back to the forties and fifties, glamour rules-this is the empowerment of elegance and polish.




Two trailblazing teachers make the grade; the story of Chess Records; N’Digo publisher Hermene Hartman’s bold venture; the rowdiest college football bars in town; putting a fork in the McDonald’;s salad; Victoria Lautman chats up novelist Edward P. Jones; more. Plus: Style Sheet, Sales Check, and The Shopper

How We Spend | When the Levy Aches, by Clare La Plante
News flash: Chicagoans are among the most heavily taxed among U.S. city dwellers. Plus: Election season reading and fun plumbing facts

Politics | Simonized, by Julie Sell
Yoda to Illinois’s political world, the late Paul Simon mentored an entire brood of young democrats, now widely influential.

Business | Ditka, Inc., by Robert Reed
Mike Ditka is no longer an NFL coach drawing X’s and O’s; instead he is a diversified brand raking in the big dough as a public speaker, football commentator, restaurateur, and product pitchman.

Deal Estate, by Dennis Rodkin
Hyatt exec’s home goes for a record high; downtown Naperville gets its first luxury condo in two decades; and a River North building embraces the outdoors.

Nightspotting, by Sarah Preston
With its upscale bar fare and rock atmosphere, Rockit Bar & Grill has quickly become River North’s latest spot to see and be seen.

The Closer, by Jeff Ruby
The world’s fair in 1893 was nice, sure, but what about the 1933 edition? At long last, a head-to-head comparison.

On the Town


During September: The Music Box turns 75, celebrating with cinematic events and movies-such as Big Business starring Laurel and Hardy-from 1929, the year the theatre opened.
Marquee: A preview of coming attractions

Food & Drink

Dining Out | Sol Searching, by Dennis Ray Wheaton
A trip to the markets and restaurants of Oaxaca sent our critic into fits of chili envy. So he came home, loosened his belt, and 65 Mexican meals around town to see how they measured up. Here, his delicious findings.

The city’s definitive guide| This month: Four new updated listings, including Cafe Le Coq and Capital Grille
Dish: The ten hottest restaurants right now; Q&A with a great chef; big openings; bold predictions; a battle royale; and more

Short Takes
Budget Beat| Amy Thai & Sushi Bar
Taqueria| De Cero
Urban Grocery| Olivia’s Market
Street Beat| The best bagels in town
Indian| Hema’s Kitchen