The treat: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cat bonbon ($1)
Where to get it: Belgian Chocolatier Piron (509 Main St., Evanston; 847-864-5504). The sparkly, pristine feel of a European shop but lacks a sit-down room
Taster’s comments: Great mouthfeel, perfect ratio of sweetness to tartness, and cutely shaped, too
Acceptable substitute: Fruit de Mer hazelnut bonbon ($1)





The treat: Naga Truffle ($2)
Where to get it: Vosges Haut-Chocolat (951 W. Armitage Ave.; 773-296-9866).   The new Lincoln Park outpost of Chicago’s best chocolate export has worldly art gallery chic with table service.
Taster’s comments: This exotic mix of coconut and curry with chocolate sounds awful, tastes heavenly.
Acceptable substitute: Wink of the Rabbit truffle ($2)



The treat: Dark Chocolate Delights ($20 per pound)
Where to get it: Sarah’s Pastries & Candies (11 E. Oak St.; 312-953-0117). Gold Coast candymaker with tables and a chocolate tempering machine in the front window  
Taster’s comments: A sophisticate’s version of a Mr. Goodbar crossed with a Nestlé Crunch
Acceptable substitute: Milk Coconut Almond Crunch Bark ($20 per pound)





The treat: Pink Heart bonbon ($1.50)
Where to get it: Bon bon (5410 N. Clark St.; 773-784-9882). Two tiny tables in this gemlike storefront let you rub shoulders with neighborhood foodies.
Taster’s comments: Exquisite rose petals mixed with white chocolate ganache transport you to Lotus Land.
Acceptable substitute: Milk Choco-late Cleopatra with ancho chili ($1.50)



The treat: Mini Fondue ($15)
Where to get it: Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge (819 W. Armitage Ave., 773-281-0029; 527 Davis St., Evanston, 847-424-0790; and 520 N. Michigan Ave., 312-464-9330). Pink overstuffed sofas, plus a smoothed-over corporate vibe
Taster’s comments: The classic comfort-food dessert, complete with marshmallows and Lorna Doones
Acceptable substitute: Margarita-flavored chocolate ($1.50)





The treat: French Silk Chocolate Truffle ($2)
Where to get it: Moonstruck Chocolate Café (320 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-696-1201). Portland, Oregon–based chocolatier; Old World candy meets coffeehouse.
Taster’s comments: Oo-la-la creaminess
Acceptable substitute: The Old-Fashioned Shake ($3.95)



The treat: Old Town Toffee ($15.99 per pound)
Where to get it: Chicago Chocolate Café (847 W. Randolph St.; 312-738-0888). Lofty coffeehouse with cocoa-colored sofas, outdoor seating, and a limited but appealing lunch menu
Taster’s comments: Shattering, buttery goodness in big barklike pieces perfect for hoarding or sharing
Acceptable substitute: Lincoln Park Mint ($1)





The treat: The Kiss ($1 for 2.75 ounces)
Where to get it: Hershey’s Chicago (822 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-337-7711). Heavily interactive, clangorous, kid-oriented retail tourist attraction
Taster’s comments: Perfect little nostalgic pick-me-up
Acceptable substitute: The Le Roi de Chocolate frozen drink ($3.95)