Drama: the word for fall on the runway and at home. “Eliza” black handblown crystal chandelier, $1,995, at Jayson Home & Garden, 1885 N. Clybourn Ave.; 773-248-8180, jaysonhomeandgarden.com. Paired with a custom- stenciled “Faux Nouveau” leaf-on-leaf wall finish, by Simes Studios, 1809 W. Webster Ave., Suite 200; 773-327-7101, simesstudios.com. Call for prices.


hat period French chair with funky zebra upholstery you worship in your living room: used to be no one, not even your friends in New York or L.A., owned anything like it. Then that repository of the bold, Jayson Home & Garden, went to the Internet, and your decorative fiefdom became ripe for coast-to-coast pilfering. Relax. Exhale. The Clybourn store still stocks plenty of one-of-a-kinds, as well as store-only merchandise. This chandelier? It’s sold in the store and online. But pair it with a custom mural, finish, or texture from a uniquely Chicago gem, Simes Studios, run by a husband-wife artist team, and your home decor will remain, forever, inimitable.

Photography: blackbox studios, inc.
styling: barri leiner