Cover Story


Under the Bun
by Jeff Ruby
These days, you can get a decent burger pretty much anywhere in Chicago. Where do you go to get a great one? Here, our 30 favorites—upscale, downscale, or just plain messy


A Special Report
Teen Confidential

by Cassie Walker
We wanted to know what today’s teens are up to, so we asked them. Plus: Our revealing survey of nearly 600 city and suburban teenagers—and their parents

Eight Teen Dreams
A science whiz, a professional ballet dancer, a born storyteller, a basketball star, and four others talk about their lives and their hopes for the future.

Hanging Out
An anthropological study of a 14-year-old’s Saturday night

Major League
by Cassie Walker
Eight pressing questions from parents and teens, answered by a panel of college admissions experts

A Mugging on Lake Street
by John Conroy
A veteran investigative reporter who was the victim of a violent attack tells the story of confronting his assailant—and wrestling with unsettling questions about race.




PAGE TWO Is metered parking expensive? Plus: CPS turnover ARTS & CULTURE Smart Museum curator Stephanie Smith cruised the Midwest for her latest exhibition, Heartland; The Blip gets hip with an ode to the First Lady; New York–based dancemaker Bill T. Jones tackles a subject close to many Illinoisians’ hearts: Abe Lincoln; Oscar nominee Michael Shannon comes back to town. Plus: New albums from The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Zora Jones MONEY How paychecks correlate with academic degrees STYLE The top trends—and where to find them—for teens and tweens. Plus: Inside Water Tower Place and Sales Check

Rainbow Cone gets Loopy; Kleiner goes Old Town; Claim Company restakes its claim; ten hottest restaurants right now

by Kate Schwartz Seamons
A South Loop dance mecca; bubbly toasts to summer’s end

by David Bernstein
Todd Stroger’s tenure as county board president has been marred by scandal and unpopular decisions. We examine the maneuvering that turned a political lightweight into a powerhouse.

Deal Estate®
by Dennis Rodkin
House and condo news from the city and the suburbs

Outer Drive
by Jeff Ruby
The physiological ramifications of eating hamburgers for two months

Chicago Guide®
The world begins—and ends—on Chicago stages; Misha leaps onto the local scene.

Tru keeps its coveted fourth star; North Pond keeps its third; Lula Cafe dips into two-star territory.


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