Move over, New York. Chicago is quickly becoming a favorite filming location for TV series across the airwaves. This fall, two more shows—Chicago Fire and The Mob Doctor—join the plethora of Windy City series already on TV. Below are four major network shows (sorry, Shameless and Boss) returning this fall and some favorite local moments.

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Mike & Molly

Mike & Molly earned the #1 spot of the most Chicago show on television. From the hometown knowledge to the only-in-Chicago jokes, the CBS comedy took the prize. We loved when Mike (Billy Gardell) broke his diet after a visit Rosie’s in Oak Lawn (watch below):

We laughed when Mike’s mother (played by Steppenwolf vet Rondi Reed) told his father to lie down on some El tracks. We cringed when Mike enjoyed his free Chalupa after the Bulls scored 100 points, but we appreciate the effort (note to producers: it’s a Big Mac. Get it right next time).

Happy Endings

We knew this show was something special from the beginning, but it was during the neighborhood scavenger hunt Rosalita’s Run (which someone needs to make a reality right now) that its Windy City pride really came out:

The amount of hometown gear is also impressive, from the Chicago souvenirs Brad and Jane had on hand for Max’s new limo tour business to the Bears apparel when Dave and Brad reluctantly went to a game with the creepy mailman. Season three, which starts October 23, will even feature a cameo from Chicago Bear Lance Briggs, playing a new love interest for Penny. Speaking of this season, good luck to Dave when he goes in for his food truck license this fall.

The Good Wife

Though the New York filming locations are hard to ignore, the CBS drama starring Julianna Marguiles still scores 2.5 stars on our Chicago meter for its name-dropping alone:

Granted, Scarlet and Sidetrack may not be “discreet” and “leathery,” but kudos to the writers for pulling in some actual bars. Though The Good Wife doesn't show off the city, the local influence is clear. There's the Eli Gold character, a political consultant loosely based on our current mayor. And our political leaders are no strangers to scandal. Peter Florrick would fit right in here.


It's always nice when some teams besides the Cubs get some TV love, and in the case of NBC’s Whitney, the Blackhawks are the clear favorites:

Unfortunately, the show fails a lot more than it succeeds at getting our town right. The season finale, where Whitney and Alex try to get married at City Hall only to be turned away for lack of documentation, the Chicago seal is…not right. Here is the actual seal of Chicago.

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