Claudine Isé, arts writer and lead curator of The Annual, a group show at Chicago Artists Coalition

She Likes . . .

Kate McQuillen and art

Kate McQuillen

Photos: (McQuillen) Matthew Bowie; (all others) courtesy of the artists

“She really pushes the boundaries of printmaking on every level,” says Isé. “Lately she’s been creating jaw-dropping site-specific installations that deal with light and luminosity, including one for my house where she’ll swathe parts with large-scale prints of a star-filled sky.”
See her work: The 2nd Terrain Biennial, a citywide series of open-air exhibitions in front yards through September 30.

She Likes . . .

Sonnenzimmer and art


The printmaking duo Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher, who collaborate under the name Sonnenzimmer, “work in a really wide array of media—books, wearable art, posters, and quilting,” says McQuillen. “They are really committed to staying accessible to a wide audience but never compromise on quality.”
See their work: The 2nd Terrain Biennial through September 30.

They Like . . .

Cody Tumblin and art

Cody Tumblin

“His color palette is rad,” says Nakanishi. “It’s not your typical fluorescents, but a nuanced kind of Dadaistic spectrum.”
See his work: Awkward Dimensions with Jaime Angelopoulos and Cody Tumblin at LVL3 through September 20.

He Likes . . .

Wyatt Grant and art

Wyatt Grant

“He creates a world of complex narratives, characters, processes, and illusion that I’ve always admired,” says Tumblin. “His work sweeps you up into a kind of dreamy state that you can’t escape.”
See his work:

He Likes . . .

Alexander Valentine and art

Alexander Valentine

“His layered, colorful offset prints are unexpected but also controlled,” says Grant. “It’s really beautiful, cerebral work.”
See his work: Algorithm Gerbils at Fernwey from September 4 to October 11.