Inside the properties of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan
From left: Inside the homes of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan Photos: (Pippen) Courtesy of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices; (Jordan) Joseph Noel/Chicago Home Photos
  Pippen’s Palace
3393 Old Mill Rd.
Jordan’s Lair
2700 Point Ln.
Asking Price $3.1 million (listed since June) $14.9 million (listed since February … 2012)
Size 10,000 square feet on three acres 56,000 square feet on seven acres
Real Estate Agent’s Tagline “Rare opportunity!” (Translation: “I can’t use Scottie’s name in the listing.”) “Start your legend.” (Translation: “This will show those chumps from high school.”)
Vibe A grower, not a shower—the boxy outside conceals Versailles-like opulence Mid-’90s Miami Beach excess—complete with a miniature island
Pro Athlete Narcissism A painting of Pippen’s Bulls jersey on the basketball court’s floor A towering “23” built into the entrance gates and “JORDAN”—in all caps—at each end of the basketball court
Extreme Amenities A two-suite kids’ wing (though it could be converted to master bedrooms) A hair salon (you know, for all of Jordan’s hair) and a 14-car garage
Deal Sweetener An infinity pool, complete with waterslide A pair of Air Jordans in every style ever made, in the buyer’s size

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