Chance the Rapper

Tactic:Dump a million bucks into arts and literature education

Logistics:The money will go toward textbooks and music programs for downtrodden schools.

Schools:Twenty-two and counting on the South and West Sides

Will it work?BET already named Chance its Humanitarian of the Year (partly) for the effort—even though it’s just starting.

David Lynch

Tactic:Teach students Transcendental Meditation

Logistics:Kids will go Zen for 15 minutes twice a day, ostensibly reducing stress, boosting grades, and decreasing violence.

Schools:Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School and Bowen and Gage Park high schools

Will it work?The U. of C.’s Crime Lab is doing a multiyear study to find out.

Yo-Yo Ma

Tactic:Perform classical music with and for students

Logistics:The cellist is a regular presence in schools across the city, most recently playing alongside members of the Chicago Children’s Choir at St. Sabina Church.

Schools:Around five a year since 2010

Will it work?At the St. Sabina concert alone he raised $70,000 for the church’s program for at-risk youth.