Kate Sierzputowski


This Logan Square–based curator and critic, whose feed is filled with images from local shows and art studios, has an eye for the absurd and a taste for the dark.



My favorite grill goods in wood form by @mike_rea3

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Robin Dluzen


Dluzen, a visual artist herself, has earned a reputation as a savvy critic and commentator. Her feed reflects, among other things, a taste for experimental sculpture.



"Mia's Guitar" by @marzenaabrahamik in "Girl Play" at @johallaprojects. This show is fantastic.

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"Desire Comes and is Ruthless" by @staciayeapanis at @gddonnelley

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Jason Pickleman


This graphic designer and collector’s feed is an addictive mix of arch selfies from gallery openings and menageries of decked-out attendees at buzz-worthy local art shows.