Illustration by John Kenzie Illustration: John Kenzie

Chill-proof your pots

“If you move them against the wall of your building, the warmth should keep the soil from drying out. Put a sheet of glass over the pots to create a pseudogreenhouse.”

Wrap things up

“Salt from sidewalk deicing is the worst thing. Make a fence of burlap and wood stakes.”

Be patient with pruning

“You don’t want to encourage new growth right before winter — it wastes energy. Wait till after the first frost.”

Swaddle your babies

“Mounded mulch will keep younger plants warmer. If they pop through, just push them right back into the ground.”

Don’t forget to shower

“The fall is a great time to water trees and anything you’ve planted in the past couple years. Just don’t drown them. Hydration will help them stay alive through winter.”