Best Public Schools

Our new, expanded rankings of the top performers in the city and suburbs

September 3, 2019, 7:29 am

Top Chicago High Schools

   EnrollmentSAT reading
attainment %*
SAT math
attainment %*
1Northside College Preparatory High School (S)North Park1,06198948596
2Noble–Pritzker College Preparatory High School (C)Hermosa98546568593
3Walter Payton College Preparatory High School (S)Near North Side1,07399987696
4Whitney M. Young Magnet High School (S)Near West Side2,15790897795
5William Jones College Preparatory High School (S)South Loop1,86191917495
6Albert G. Lane Technical High School (S)Lake View4,42987866994
7John Hancock College Preparatory High School (S)West Elsdon96750527882
8Noble–Noble Street College Preparatory High School (C)Noble Square65237527994
9George Westinghouse College Preparatory HS (S)East Garfield Park1,19241458298
10Noble–Noble Academy (C)Goose Island48943516793
11Noble–Muchin College Preparatory High School (C)Loop95640477393
12Robert Lindblom Math and Science Academy (S)West Englewood1,32557527198
13Noble–ITW David Speer Academy (C)Hanson Park1,01432526392
14Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy (S)Roseland96263556283
15Noble–UIC College Preparatory High School (C)Near West Side93937477388
16Phoenix Military Academy (S)Near West Side532252880100
17Noble–Chicago Bulls College Preparatory High School (C)Near West Side1,13629446692
18Noble–Golder College Preparatory High School (C)West Town66232426089
19Chicago Math and Science Academy (C)Rogers Park59633456174
20Back of the Yards College Preparatory High School (S)Back of the Yards1,06423326999
21Eric Solorio Academy (S)Gage Park1,19525347384
22Noble–Rauner College Preparatory High School (C)West Town63335367881
23Roald Amundsen High SchoolRavenswood1,22733336889
24Friedrich Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center (S)North Park1,72632416693
25Lincoln Park High School (S)Lincoln Park2,11353546590
26CICS–Northtown Academy (C)Pulaski Park91724208995
27Kenwood AcademyKenwood1,75641378392
28Noble–Baker College Preparatory High School (C)South Chicago36517297077
29Noble–Rowe Clark Math & Science Academy (C)East Garfield Park46120177387
30Infinity Math, Science & Technology High School (S)Little Village41716256190
31Marine Leadership Academy (S)Logan Square8678147794
32George Washington Carver Military Academy (S)Riverdale47917116997
33Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. College Preparatory HS (S)North Kenwood59934305492
34Gurdon S. Hubbard High SchoolWest Lawn1,77815136791
35Noble–Gary Comer College Preparatory High School (C)Grand Crossing1,09621215988
36World Language High SchoolLittle Village35418166577
37Hyman G. Rickover Naval Academy (S)Edgewater55517156693
38Noble–Butler College Preparatory High School (C)Pullman64716165696
39Charles Allen Prosser Career Academy (S)Hanson Park1,39517185991
40Acero–Major Hector P. Garcia MD Campus (C)Archer Heights60017165095
(S) SELECTIVE ENROLLMENT SCHOOL    (C) CHARTER SCHOOL    * Figures do not reflect low-income adjustment

Top Chicago Elementary Schools

   GradesEnrollmentPARCC reading
attainment %
PARCC math
attainment %
1Annie Keller Regional Gifted Center (S)Mount Greenwood1–8242969893
2Skinner North Classical School (S)Goose IslandK–8494939460
3Thomas A. Edison Regional Gifted Center (S)Albany ParkK–8271928762
4Ted Lenart Regional Gifted Center (S)West ChathamPK–8284898554
5John C. Haines Elementary SchoolChinatownPK–8687586758
6Abraham Lincoln Elementary SchoolLincoln ParkK–8897867575
7Hawthorne Scholastic AcademyLake ViewK–8567797860
8Mark T. Skinner West Elementary SchoolNear West SidePK–81,100786755
9Edgar Allan Poe Classical School (S)PullmanK–6208787667
10Louisa May Alcott College Preparatory ESPark WestPK–8630616390
11Christopher Columbus Elementary SchoolUkrainian VillagePK–8285433286
12Stephen Decatur Classical School (S)West Rogers ParkK–6281918978
13William H. Prescott Elementary SchoolLincoln ParkPK–8432725570
14Christian Ebinger Elementary SchoolEdison ParkK–8831685979
15Mount Greenwood Elementary SchoolMount GreenwoodK–81,124696292
16Ravenswood Elementary SchoolRavenswoodPK–8547604776
17John H. Kinzie Elementary SchoolGarfield RidgePK–8687534080
18Oriole Park SchoolOriole ParkPK–8751626070
19KIPP One Academy (C)W. Garfield ParkK–1, 5–6418241986
20Ellen Mitchell Elementary SchoolWest TownPK–8400614385
21Jean Baptiste Beaubien Elementary SchoolJefferson ParkPK–81,096655666
22Oscar Mayer Magnet SchoolLincoln ParkPK–8766716165
23Talman Elementary SchoolGage ParkPK–8436333182
24Kate S. Kellogg Elementary SchoolBeverlyK–8256502877
25James McDade Classical School (S)West ChesterfieldK–6195848129
26James Ward Elementary SchoolBridgeportPK–8587475064
27Acero–Esmeralda Santiago Campus (C)Humboldt ParkK–8283313182
28Eliza Chappell Elementary SchoolRavenswoodPK–8572484278
29Robert Healy Elementary SchoolBridgeportPK–81,420546062
30Emiliano Zapata AcademyLittle VillagePK–8779434275
31John C. Burroughs Elementary SchoolBrighton ParkPK–8473533569
32John C. Coonley Elementary SchoolNorth CenterK–81,008605575
33Alexander Graham Bell Elementary SchoolNorth CenterK–8958534864
34Amelia Earhart Options for Knowledge ESCalumet HeightsK–8239503667
35Augustus H. Burley Elementary SchoolLake ViewPK–8533645567
36Arthur E. Canty Elementary SchoolIrving WoodsPK–8855574859
37Edgebrook Elementary SchoolEdgebrookK–8512726364
38LaSalle II Magnet Elementary SchoolEast Ukrainian VillagePK–8590565470
39KIPP Academy Chicago Campus (C)South Austin5–8347231781
40Disney II Magnet SchoolOld Irving ParkPK–6431624781
41Lyman A. Budlong Elementary SchoolRavenswoodPK–8772423166
42Thomas J. Waters Elementary SchoolRavenswood GardensK–8626484175
43George Armstrong International Studies ESWest Rogers ParkPK–81,419373180
44Sauganash Elementary SchoolSauganashK–8605615484
45Inter-American Elementary Magnet SchoolLake ViewPK–8711393852
46Mary E. McDowell Elementary SchoolCalumet HeightsPK–5155493675
47Jonathan Burr Elementary SchoolBucktownPK–8432534484
48Chicago Academy Elementary SchoolPortage ParkPK–8603414359
49Everett McKinley Dirksen Elementary SchoolO’HarePK–8944514749
50CICS–Avalon/South Shore Campus (C)MarynookK–8478483759