Pillows designed by Kristi Kohut
Photo: Ryan Segedi

Colorful as a Lisa Frank sticker, Kristi Kohut’s designs epitomize the Libertyville artist’s philosophy of life and art: Things should be fun. The playful vibe of her work reflects her creative process. She began painting seriously after leaving her job in advertising to stay home with her son. “Having a child is interesting because they teach you so much,” she says. “They get you to stop and notice things — whether it’s an interesting pattern on the sidewalk or a cool leaf or a bug.” Kohut is now fresh off a spring residency at Batch, a store in the New York City megadevelopment Hudson Yards, and she has only a limited number of original works available (commissions are booked through the end of the year). Fans can still buy rugs, wallpaper, throw pillows (pictured, from $148), and more from her home line. Playing around with contrasting prints is encouraged. kristikohut.studio