After Jacqueline Gould, founder of the wellness coaching company Your Inner Babe, closed on a newly constructed condo, her first call was to JoAnn Neenan, an interior designer she found online through the design agency Homepolish. It was love at first click. “She likes saturated colors but was on a tight budget,” says Neenan, who was excited to work with a decisive and trusting client. The result is a cohesive look that is both modern and glam  —  and that belies its modest cost.


Beauty Sleep

Photos: Dustin Halleck

Gould wanted to keep the pastel green bed from her childhood. But it’s feminine and delicate  —  “everything she was saying she wasn’t,” says Neenan. “It fought with everything else in the home.” To funk it up, the pair added a leopard-print velvet bolster, a Persian rug from Etsy, and a bare-bones lighting fixture.


Deluxe Dining

Gould often has guests and clients over, so Neenan found citrine velvet chairs by Interior Define to place around the Eero Saarinen dining table. “Jacqueline is casual, and I didn’t want her to feel like she was working at this long board-of-directors table. These really pop.”




Gould loves photography, but Neenan encouraged her to consider different types of artistic media. “I introduced her to the work of painter Linda Colletta, and she fell in love.” To match one abstract print, Neenan drenched the bathroom in Starburst Orange, a cheery hue by Benjamin Moore. “The paint goes only three-quarters of the way up the wall to divide the space a bit and give it the appearance of more height.”