First pitch at a Sox game
Photo: Courtesy of Chicago White Sox

When a ceremonial first pitch by a White Sox employee beaned the team photographer, the video went viral. Weeks later, an underhand throw by a White Sox Volunteer Corps member popped straight up … and made a beeline for the same photographer. Bullpen coach Curt Hasler breaks down where things went wrong.

The employee

“First of all, it’s not easy. You’re standing in front of everybody — the players are watching, the coaches, the fans — and you’ve got no experience with this at all. She stepped a little open. This is where we start with kids: Look where you’re throwing, step where you’re throwing, and good things happen.”

The volunteer

“She probably did what she’s done in the backyard with her kids. But it’s 60 feet 6 inches to home plate.” To avoid overcompensating: “Just scoot up a little to where the mound meets the grass. That’s nearly 15 feet closer. There’s no shame in that.”