Datrianna Meeks
Datrianna Meeks Photograph: Kristine Condon

I’ve heard that certain strains of cannabis can boost libido. What should I be looking for?

There’s not much evidence that cannabis influences libido, but you’re right: Many people report experiencing increased arousal when consuming it. So while we can’t say for sure that weed will spike your desire, we do know it can help improve some of the things that might hinder sexual satisfaction.

Besides 1906’s Love Drops, which combine a handful of aphrodisiac herbs with THC, there aren’t many products in Illinois that focus on arousal. Anecdotally, strains like Wedding Cake and Blue Dream are said to be good for sex because they can produce euphoria and heighten the senses. Sativa, which is energizing, can also help get you in the mood. And if you find that you need something to be more calm and present, try a product with CBD.

Datrianna Meeks is a cannabis writer and educator.

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