Division and California

“This is one of my favorite [stops] because it brings people into the culture of graffiti. Graffiti is first and foremost about typography and font and letters and names. That’s a perfect example.”

Bloomingdale and Central Park

“The first piece on the corner originally said ‘Graffiti’ and, underneath, ‘ ’84.’ It was done by Nick Salsa. He ended up re-creating the exact same piece when the 606 opened, except he changed the year. It’s significant because he did it as a teenager illegally and came back as an adult and not only did he get paid for it, but he got permission.”

Fullerton and Milwaukee

“Project Logan is our last stop. Some of the walls get painted weekly. That’s the life of graffiti. If you put it up and turn around, there may be another artist painting on top of you. But you can’t get mad, because that’s graffiti culture.”

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