The Richard M. Daley Experience

Watch the surrounding walls fill with press photos of our former mayor’s greatest hits: the Hired Truck scandal, the plowing of Meigs Field. And right before you leave, sign off on a parking meter deal.

Glitching on Lower Wacker

Performance art at its best. Upon entry, switch on Google Maps to navigate Lower Wacker to find the city’s impound lot while sirens blare. “Turn right on Wacker,” “Turn right on Wacker,” “Turn right on Wacker …”

Mommy’s Sip and Dip

Bring your stroller and swimsuit. City Winery turns its stage into a wading pool filled with its Riverwalk Rosé while members of Wilco watch your kids.


Experience a real Chicago blizzard and shovel out your parking spot — only to watch someone claim it with a dresser.

The Navy Pier Multiverse

In this simulation with actors, you pretend to work at WBEZ as you fight off tourists walking four people wide. This six-room experience also shows you what your life could have been had you made different Navy Pier lunch choices.