Floating Gardens Wall Mural by York Wallcoverings
Photography: Calico (2), York, Woodchip & Magnolia

Go Bold

A large-scale mural with lush, unexpected hues creates an immersive environment that’s photo-backdrop-worthy.

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Buy it Floating Gardens Wall Mural by York Wallcoverings, $395. JC Licht, 5424 N. Clark St., Andersonville


Aurora by Calico

Create an Aura

Atmospheric washes of nature-inspired color come together in a dreamy haze. The result is a relaxing-on-the-shoreline vibe.

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Buy it Aurora by Calico, $10 a square foot. calicowallpaper.com


Fountain by Calico

Try a Minimalist Twist

Redefine “lush” with wallpaper that appears to have been ripped from an artist’s sketchbook.

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Buy it Fountain by Calico, price upon request. calicowallpaper.com


Zephyr Mural by Woodchip & Magnolia

Get Real

A landscape with an etched look raises the question: Window or wall?

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Buy it Zephyr Mural by Woodchip & Magnolia, complete piece starts at $4.50. woodchipandmagnolia.co.uk