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100 Best Bars (Cover Story) – There’s no reason to hibernate when the city abounds with great bars to cozy up in all winter long. But which of the 1,200-plus spots in Chicago are most worth a visit? An 11-reporter team tossed back beverages in every corner of the city, sizing up each bar on drink quality and selection, service, and atmosphere. From neighborhood holes in the wall to cutting-edge cocktail lounges, our comprehensive listing includes the top 10 bars right now (ranked in order of excellence), the 8 best hotel lounges, the 5 best game day bars, the 5 best for music, the 10 best for food, the 5 best LGBT bars, and more. Plus: The 12 best cocktails our reporters sampled while compiling the story, and what the city’s hottest mixologists are pouring right now.

Reboot Your Workout  We helped four local Chicagoans drop pounds and body fat percentage with nutrition plans and tailored workouts that solve common exercise challenges.  Whether you are a gym newbie or just need to change up a tired routine, our guide provides all the inspiration and practical tips you need to make good on 2013 fitness resolutions. Plus: We rank the 10 best gyms in the city and suburbs in two different price categories (above $80 per month and budget gyms). 

Decaying Beauty – We take a photographic tour of some of Chicago’s once-glorious movie palaces that have now fallen into disrepair, though they were once some of the city’s greatest architectural and cultural treasures. With an introduction by Roger Ebert, this photo essay offers a peek inside the ruins of an era when neighborhood movie theatres matched the splendor of the films they showed.

Can $86 Million Save a Neighborhood? – Nearly 15 years ago, Lands’ End founder Gary Comer began devoting a fortune to a noble cause: reviving his old South Side neighborhood. Is the investment paying off, and what lessons can other philanthropists learn from his work in Pocket Town?

Dining: Gourmet Tater Tots & Fabulous Hot Chocolate – The cafeteria staple has been elevated. We single out four upscale restaurants that are a part of the gourmet tater tot trend. In other comfort food dining perfect for cold weather, we also track down four delicious and unique hot chocolates you can seek out with your kids (plus one version for adults only).

Insider’s Guide: Chinatown – With the Chinese new year starting February 10, our monthly neighborhood guide stops in Chinatown to recommend the top 10 dining and shopping spots for any time of year, as well as three events to catch to ring in the Year of the Snake.