Chicago magazine December 2010 40 Reasons to Love Chicago Issue

Chicago magazine’s December issue hit newsstands Thursday, November 18th. To schedule an interview with one of our writers or editors, please contact Elizabeth Riley at

40 Reasons to Love Chicago (cover story): As part of Chicago magazine’s 40th anniversary celebration, this feature pays tribute to Chicago by calling out 40 inspiring people, places, and ideas that make the city special. Highlights inlcude Roger Ebert’s description of his ideal Chicago movie; a debate over Mayor Daley’s legacy; insider tips from Seth Meyers, Derrick Rose, and Common, among others; and much more.

Feast on This: Penny Pollack’s annual roundup of the year’s most desirable cookbooks.

Greatest Goods: A seven-page gift guide just in time for the holiday season. From cuckoo clocks to luxury body oil, this list catalogs 85 gifts that can all be found in and around Chicago, including 40 finds under $40.

Today’s Pioneers: In honor of the city’s pioneers, the magazine names Chicago’s top 40 visionaries from 1970 to 2010, including two Richard Daleys, Oprah Winfrey, and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Why Is Illinois So Corrupt?: How did Illinois and Chicago get so good at being bad? Manging editor Shane Tritsch talks to 20-plus historians, good-government advocates, and longtime political insiders to find out.

Broadway Bound: The roller-coaster saga behind the new, Chicago-backed musical Spider-Man, arriving on Broadway as the most expensive show ever.

Oh, Yes, We Did: Jeff Ruby highlights 13 of his most memorable Chicago magazine moments, from naked models to a shot of Bill Ayers standing on the American flag.