With its November issue (on newsstands Thursday, October 17), Chicago magazine unveils a comprehensive print and website redesign, including a bold new logo. The revamp of this 43-year-old brand—the nation’s largest city monthly—was completed under the direction of Design Director Bryan Erickson and Editor in Chief Elizabeth Fenner.

The redesigned magazine and website include updated typefaces, powerful use of photography, and streamlined navigation that helps readers quickly find what they’re looking for. These changes more closely integrate the print magazine with its digital properties, giving a more energetic feel that better reflects the magazine’s award-winning content.

A new tagline, “Big City, Big Stories,” will be incorporated. Fenner explains: “Chicago is the only magazine in town creating excellent in-depth narratives on subjects that matter deeply to those of us who love the city.” True to the magazine’s strength in providing readers with convenient recommendations on everything from restaurants to concerts, the magazine’s comprehensive dining and culture listings will now run on chicagomag.com, where readers can access them easily from their computers, phones, or tablet devices. The print magazine will run a curated list of the best of those recommendations. A key part of Chicago’s mission is helping readers find the best of the city, the latest example of which can be found in the November issue cover story, “Best Steak Houses.”

The redesign reflects feedback from readers that Fenner has incorporated since arriving two years ago, notably a stronger focus on making sense of what’s happening in Chicago right now. That focus is reflected in the volume of quality content Chicago delivers across all points of reader access.