Chicago magazine Oct. 2010 Best Elementary Schools Cover

Chicago magazine’s October 2010 issue hits newsstands Thursday, September 16th. To schedule an interview with one of our writers or editors, please contact Elizabeth Riley at

Winning Combinations (cover story): This feature story calls out 121 of Chicagoland’s best public grade schools from Austin to Lake Zurich to Kenilworth. Plus, a guide for navigating the magnet school process and a look at education’s financial crisis.

Déjà Vu: Real estate expert Dennis Rodkin tracks recent home values in nearly 300 Chicago neighborhoods and towns, and the declining prices have many wondering if it’s 2002 again.

The Discreet Charm of RL: The secret behind the surprising success of Ralph Lauren’s Michigan Avenue restaurant, RL.

The Insider: Chicago’s political editor David Bernstein teamed up with the Better Government Association to investigate Joseph Berrios, candidate for the office of Cook County Assessor. What did they find? “Berrios shines as a vivid example of the clout-infested politics for which Illinois is famous.”

Edifice Rex: Chicago reigns as the country’s architectural king. Continuing the magazine’s upcoming 40th anniversary celebration, Chicago names the city’s top 40 buildings, including Unity Temple, Lake Point Tower, and The Rookery.

Fall Theatre Preview: Gearing up for theater season, the magazine previews the city’s best offerings and must-see stage attractions.   

Peer Review: In his monthly “Outer Drive” column, dining critic Jeff Ruby asks, what’s to become of the professional restaurant critic in the age of Yelp?