Colon & Rectal Surgery

Neil H. Hyman

Inflammatory bowel disease; colon and rectal cancer. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-4300

Theodore J. Saclarides

Inflammatory bowel disease; laparoscopic surgery; rectal cancer and sphincter preservation. Rush University Medical Center. 312-942-7088

Scott A. Strong

Colon and rectal cancer and surgery; Crohn’s disease; minimally invasive surgery; ulcerative colitis. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-6868

Steven J. Stryker

Colon and rectal cancer; inflammatory bowel disease; laparoscopic surgery. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-9393

Hand Surgery

Mark S. Cohen

Elbow, hand, and wrist surgery. Rush University Medical Center. 312-243-4244

Terry R. Light

Congenital hand deformities; pediatric hand injuries; pediatric hand reconstruction; thumb absence. Loyola Medicine. 888-584-7888

Daniel P. Mass

Elbow and shoulder reconstruction; tendon and wrist surgery. UChicago Medicine. 773-834-3531

Neurological Surgery

Julian E. Bailes

Brain injury; cerebrovascular disease; spinal surgery. NorthShore University HealthSystem. 847-570-1440

James P. Chandler

Brain tumors; gliomas; neuro-oncology; skull base surgery. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-8143

Fady T. Charbel

Acoustic neuroma and schwannoma; cerebral aneurysm; moyamoya disease; skull base tumors and surgery. UI Health. 312-355-0510

Herbert H. Engelhard III

Brain and spinal cord tumors; hydrocephalus; pediatric neurosurgery. UI Health. 312-355-0510

Szymon S. Rosenblatt

Brain tumors; cerebrovascular surgery; skull base tumors and surgery; spinal cord disorders. Amita Health Alexian Brothers Medical Center, Elk Grove Village. 847-981-3630

John R. Ruge

Back and neck disorders and pain; brain tumors; Chiari malformations; craniosynostosis; endoscopic neurosurgery; head injury; hydrocephalus; spine tumor surgery; spina bifida; spinal syrinx; tethered spinal cord. Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge. 847-723-9052

Tadanori Tomita

Hydrocephalus; neuro-oncology; pediatric brain tumors; pediatric neurosurgery. Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. 312-227-4220

Vincent C. Traynelis

Cervical spinal surgery; complex spinal surgery; spinal deformity; spinal disk replacement. Rush University Medical Center. 312-942-6644

Orthopedic Surgery

Douglas R. Dirschl

Fractures; musculoskeletal injuries; trauma. UChicago Medicine. 773-834-3531

Steven Gitelis

Bone cancer; limb-sparing surgery; soft tissue sarcoma. Rush University Medical Center. 312-243-4244

Wayne M. Goldstein

Arthritis; arthritis surgery; kneeling incision; minimally invasive hip replacement; minimally invasive knee replacement; patella surgery. Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge. 847-375-3000

Sherwin S.W. Ho

Arthroscopic surgery; cartilage damage; shoulder and elbow surgery; sports medicine. UChicago Medicine. 773-834-3531

Joshua J. Jacobs

Hip replacement and revision; knee replacement and revision. Rush University Medical Center. 312-432-2344

Terrance D. Peabody

Bone and soft tissue tumors; limb-sparing surgery; pediatric orthopedic cancers. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-6800

Maria Z. Siemionow

Hand surgery; microsurgery; peripheral nerve surgery. UI Health. 312-996-1300

S. David Stulberg

Hip and knee replacement. NorthShore University HealthSystem. 312-664-6848

Plastic Surgery

Bruce Samuel Bauer

Cleft palate and lip; otoplasty; pediatric plastic surgery; reconstructive plastic surgery. UChicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital. 773-702-6302

David Woosuk Chang

Breast reconstruction; cancer reconstruction; microsurgery. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-6302

Gordon H. Derman

Carpal tunnel syndrome; cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; hand surgery. Rush University Medical Center. 312-563-4488

Gregory Ara Dumanian

Abdominal wall reconstruction; cosmetic surgery; microsurgery; peripheral nerve surgery. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-6022

Julius Few

Breast augmentation; ethnic cosmetic surgery; facial rejuvenation; liposuction and body contouring. Northwestern Memorial. 312-202-0882

Lawrence Jay Gottlieb

Reconstructive plastic surgery; reconstructive plastic surgery for burns. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-6302

Raphael Carl Lee

Abdominal wall reconstruction; pelvic reconstruction after cancer; peripheral nerve surgery; reconstructive plastic surgery for burns. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-6302

McKay McKinnon

Cleft palate and lip; facial tumors; neurofibromatosis; vascular malformations and birthmarks. Amita Health St. Joseph Hospital Chicago. 312-335-9566

Thomas Anthony Mustoe

Eyelid surgery and blepharoplasty; face-lift; rhinoplasty; rhinoplasty revision. Northwestern Memorial. 312-788-2560

Pravin Kumar Patel

Cleft palate and lip; complex reconstructive surgery; craniofacial surgery; pediatric plastic surgery. UI Health. 312-996-7546

Dean Toriumi

Blepharoplasty; facial cosmetic surgery; Moh’s procedures; reconstructive plastic surgery; rhinoplasty. Amita Health St. Joseph Hospital Chicago. 312-741-3202

Robert Lee Walton

Hand surgery; plastic and reconstructive surgery. Amita Health St. Joseph Hospital Chicago. 312-337-7795


Peter Angelos

Adrenal cancer; adrenal tumors; pheochromocytoma; thyroid and parathyroid cancer and surgery. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-8222

Yolanda T. Becker

Dialysis access; kidney and pancreas transplant; transplant surgery. UChicago Medicine. 773-834-3524

Enrico Benedetti

Bowel, kidney, liver, and pancreas transplant. UI Health. 312-996-6771

David Jason Bentrem

Cancer surgery; gastrointestinal cancer and surgery; hepatobiliary surgery. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-1130

John Joseph Brems

Pancreatic cancer; liver cancer; bile duct cancer; gallbladder cancer and disease. Advocate Sherman Hospital, Elgin. 224-359-0100

Charles Komen Brown

Gastrointestinal cancer and surgery; melanoma; peritoneal carcinomatosis; sarcoma. Amita Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale. 708-579-0018

Bipan Chand

Bariatric and obesity surgery; Barrett’s esophagus; GERD; hernia. Loyola Medicine. 888-584-7888

Daniel J. Deziel

Hepatobiliary surgery; hernia; laparoscopic surgery; pancreatic surgery. Rush University Medical Center. 312-942-6500

Constantine T. Frantzides

Advanced laparoscopic surgery; bariatric and obesity surgery; esophageal surgery; hepatobiliary surgery. Amita Health St. Francis Hospital, Evanston. 847-676-2200

John J. Fung

Laparoscopic surgery; kidney and liver transplant; liver and biliary cancer. UChicago Medicine. 773-834-3524

Nora M. Hansen

Breast cancer risk assessment; breast cancer involving women at high risk; breast cancer surgery; breast disease; sentinel node surgery. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-0990

Roger D. Hurst

Gastrointestinal surgery; inflammatory bowel disease; Crohn’s disease; minimally invasive surgery; ulcerative colitis. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-4300

Jeffrey B. Matthews

Biliary, gastrointestinal, liver, and pancreatic surgery. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-0881

J. Michael Millis

Biliary and liver surgery; liver cancer; liver transplant. UChicago Medicine. 888-824-0200

Mitchell C. Posner

Esophageal, gastrointestinal, and pancreatic cancer. UChicago Medicine. 773-834-3524

Nathaniel Jolas Soper

Biliary surgery; GERD; laparoscopic surgery; minimally invasive surgery. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-8918

Mark S. Talamonti

Gastrointestinal cancer; liver cancer and surgery; pancreatic cancer; sarcoma. NorthShore University HealthSystem. 847-570-1700

Jeffrey D. Wayne

Melanoma; sarcoma. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-0990

David J. Winchester

Breast cancer and surgery. NorthShore University HealthSystem. 847-570-1700

Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Carl L. Backer

Congenital heart disease in adults; pediatric cardiothoracic surgery; tracheal surgery; heart transplant. Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. 312-227-4240

Mamdouh Bakhos

Heart and lung transplant; hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; minimally invasive cardiac surgery; mitral heart valve surgery. Loyola Medicine. 888-584-7888

Jessica S. Donington

Barrett’s esophagus; cardiac tumors and cancer; thoracic cancers. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-8222

Mark K. Ferguson

Esophageal and lung cancer; mesothelioma; minimally invasive surgery. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-8222

Joseph M. Forbess

Pediatric cardiothoracic surgery; pediatric heart valve surgery. Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. 312-227-4240

Valluvan Jeevanandam

Artificial heart devices; heart transplant; minimally invasive heart valve surgery. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-2500

Patrick M. McCarthy

Atrial fibrillation surgery; heart valve surgery; mitral valve surgery. Northwestern Memorial. 312-664-3278

Wickii Thambiah Vigneswaran

Mesothelioma; lung transplant; thoracic cancers; thoracic surgery. Loyola Medicine. 888-584-7888