Following the mesmerizing solar eclipse on April 8th, Chicago Magazine hosted its Secret Supper at Miru Restaurant downtown. Aptly named “Miru,” which translates as “to view” in Japanese, this culinary gem perched on the 11th floor provides stunning vistas of the winding river and iconic downtown buildings. Amid this panoramic setting, Secret Supper guests savored a five-course dinner curated by Chef Osaka and his culinary team, which consisted of succulent salmon, shishito peppers with bonito, tempura rock shrimp, savory chicken teriyaki, and wild mushroom sizzling rice. Throughout dinner, guests luxuriated in custom cocktails featuring a refreshing Legent bourbon mule with zesty ginger and yuzu, Roku gin and tonic with shiso leaf and strawberries, and lastly a Japanese-inspired margarita with Tres Generaciones tequila and a togarashi spice rim. With its elegant decor and savory Japanese flavor, Miru immersed Secret Supper attendees in the beauty of Chicago while delighting taste buds.