photo: chuck sudo

Limestone over a pond at Henry C. Palmisano Nature Park.

It's actually warm enough to voluntarily go outside. Or, it's getting there, anyway.

Whether it's wishful thinking or perfect timing, Chicagoist published a list of the 13 best places to enjoy the outdoors earlier this week. 

The list contains some lesser known surprises—Mount Bridgeport pictured above (otherwise known as Henry C. Palmisano Nature Park) is a rare gem. And Chicagoist calls out some great outdoor space on the South Side as well—in the Millennium Reserve region, the list recommends Eggers Woods, Kickapoo Woods, Beaubien Woods and Wolf Lake. 

The Chicago Botanic Garden is among the more reliable, well-known destinations, along with a personal favorite—your front stoop. Can I experience that one without a hat and scarf soon, please?