Photo: Zbigniew Bzdak/Chicago Tribune

This sinkhole swallowed several cars on the Southeast Side on Thursday morning.

Chicagoist has a pretty incredible gallery of the flooding and storm photos from this morning. It is an insane set of images, and we hope everyone involved is safe.

As Jalopnik put it in a post on this car-eating hole: "You know what I've had enough of this week? Mayhem." Totally agree.

Here's the sinkhole shot from Chicagoist's collection. Check out the full gallery here.

photo: nbc news

Update: Just adding a photo taken earlier this morning, this one from @MarcusGilmer's excellent ongoing live blog at the Sun-Times. Cars are stranded in the southbound lane of the closed Edens Expressway, with the floodwaters up to the headlights. Awful.


photo: jon seidel

Update 2: Whet dove in to the Tribune's collection this morning and added a few more stunning photos to this story: 

* A sinkhole opened up at Houston and 96th; a water department spokesman said that “the weather and the intense rain could have aggravated a water main made from cast iron that takes back to 1915.”



Photo: Zbigniew Bzdak/Chicago Tribune

Many streets have flooded, including Peterson Avenue west of Pulaski:


Photo:Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune

The Edens and Kennedy shut down because of flooding:


Photo: Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune

Flooding like this (on the Kennedy):


Photo: José M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune