photo: jeff sciortino

Zeke Emanuel sat down for an interview today with HuffPost Live to discuss his new book, Brothers Emanuel, which came out last week.

The host, Abby Huntsman, turned the conversation toward his brother Rahm's role in the ongoing story of the CPS closings. Beginning at about 12:00 in the interview above, Huntsman turns the conversation to Chicago, saying:

"Now, your brother is in the thick of things, mayor of Chicago. We all know what's going on with the schools, 52 schools closing down. A risky—a big decision he made, to go against the teacher's unions…now, you're someone who had to fight with your brothers growing up. If you had to give advice to the teachers unions—?"

Zeke cuts her off to give his response:

“Give in now. Rahm will win. He always does win…He is very committed to making the lives of children better."

He went on to say: "You’re not going to beat him…You can bang your head against the wall, but Rahm is pretty tough.”