1. Cards Against Humanity, the Most Offensive—and Lucrative—Game on Earth

How a bunch of nerdy Highland Park kids used Kickstarter and Amazon to create a low-tech hit. Bloomberg Businessweek looks inside their growing business.

2. Whites Getting More Spots at Top High Schools

Since a desegregation order was lifted in 2009, the makeup of Chicago’s selective public high schools has changed dramatically. The Sun-Times analyzes the numbers.

3. Video Game Minecraft Finds a Home in Schools

Students and teachers are using "virtual Legos" to learn math and science. The Tribune sits down with fans.

4. Chicago Doctors Wrestle With Obama Push Toward Electronic Medical Records

The feds are aggressively nudging doctors into the 21st century—there are benefits, but it’s a big burden for caregivers with older systems. Crain’s talks with physicians about the costs and benefits.

5. Baseball’s Metropolis: How the Cubs and Cardinals Conquered the Midwest

Clever media strategies and old business patterns elevated the old NL franchises—and relegated the White Sox to also-rans. Chicago magazine connects the dots.

6. The Hunt for El Chapo

The inside story of how the head of Sinaloa Cartel—and Chicago’s public enemy number one—was captured. The New Yorker tells the gripping story.

7. Remembering Footwork Master DJ Rashad

How young producer Rashad Harden, who died Saturday, brought Chicago’s frenetic dance-music style to the world. The Reader explains his significance.

8. Hello, Stranger

Two University of Chicago researchers prove that talking to your CTA seatmates is a lot more pleasant than you think. The New York Times examines the benefits of making acquaintances.

9. Dr. Lauren Streicher Will Teach You to Love Sex Again

The Northwestern gynecologist talks about her book Love Sex Again. Chicago magazine asks the author about common problems and the latest breakthroughs.

10. Secret Recording Shows Uber’s Efforts to Poach Chicago’s Cabbies

How the ridesharing company courts cabbies, and what it means for the city’s transportation WBEZ listens in.