1. The Truth About Chicago’s Crime Rates

A year-long investigation reveals that the numbers are not all that they seem. Chicago pulls back the curtain on the city’s “magic ink.”

2. A Contentious Interview with Rahm Emanuel

The mayor talks sarcasm, the skills gap, and the politics of pensions. The New Republic parries with Rahm.

3. Chicago’s Public Transit Should Get More Money Before It’s Reformed

Despite the corruption, our regional transit system is the most efficient in the country. Urban policy blogger Daniel Kay Hertz compares Chicago with its peers.

4. Would You Share Your Salary?

Talking about money is one of the last taboos, but why? RedEye asks millennials about the income issue.

5. The Best Places to Work in Chicago

Foosball! Nerf guns! The best places to work—for millennials, Gen X, and everybody else. Crain’s presents its annual list.

6. An Overdose, a Death, a Downfall

A judge OD’s, and the consequences ripple through St. Clair County. The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin tells the sordid tale.

7. Chicago Charter School Network’s Discipline Policy Under Scrutiny

Charter schools expelled 12 times the number of students as CPS last year, new numbers show. The Tribune investigates why it happens, and whether it’s a problem.

8. In the Studio: Tony Fitzpatrick

A visit with Chicago’s notoriously outspoken artist. A new video series from Chicago magazine debuts.

9. Bigger Than Burgers and Fries, Franchising Blamed for Low Wages

The business model that made McDonald’s big is everywhere and complicates labor pay and law. WBEZ looks at how it works.

10. Chicago Decriminalized Marijuana Possession—But Not For Everyone

Almost 80 percent of arrestees for low-level possession, since August 2012, are black. The Chicago Reader checks in on the policy.