1. Byrd-Bennett out, Ruiz in as Fallout from Federal Probe Continues

The feds are investigating her role in a no-bid contract as her future—and the renewal of her contract to run Chicago Public Schools—hangs in the balance. Catalyst Chicago reports on the latest developments.

2. From Farm to Table

A 29-year-old Illinois farmer transformed his family’s business into a go-to brand for Chicago’s culinary scene. Chicago magazine profiles LouisJohn Slagel.

3. Nick Kokonas Is Selling Tickets to Dinner

Grant Achatz changed the food we eat; his business partner wants to change how we get tables. Bloomberg Business breaks down his system.

4. CPS’s $228 Million Time Bomb

Not only does the school district stand to owe that much in debt-swap termination payments, it could be called in within two days. The Sun-Times follows the money.

5. Why Apartments Are the Blind Spot in Chicago’s Recycling Program

And why it’s been that way for more than two decades. WBEZ digs in.

6. The ‘Eastland’ Disaster: Not Just an Accident, but ‘One of the Great Injustices of the 20th Century’

844 people died when the ship capsized in the Chicago River. Were the shipbuilders to blame? The Reader talks with the author of a new book on the incident.

7. Chicago’s Carless Population Is Growing, and Developers Are Responding

“Transit Oriented Development” is going up in some of the city’s most dense neighborhoods. And it looks a lot like the studios of old. Chicago looks back—and forward.

8. Numbers Don’t Lie: The 2015 Stanley Cup Is the Chicago Blackhawks’ to Lose

The veteran team controls the puck, kills penalties, and has one of the best goalies in the NHL. ESPN makes the case.

9. Chicago’s Apartment Boom Needs More Top-Shelf Architecture

Because even if we don’t live in them, we have to live among them. Blair Kamin highlights two new buildings in the Tribune.

10. Puzzling Death of Chicago’s Whirlwind Chef, Homaro Cantu

He rose from homelessness to become an innovative culinary star with diverse interests and as a result struck many as invincible. The New York Times remembers his life.