1. The Rage of Trump Fans Isn’t New. I’ve Dealt With It for Years.

Being a black columnist in Chicago means an inbox full of racism—and it got worse, first after the election of Barack Obama, and then after the rise of Trump. Dawn M. Turner reflects on her experience for The Washington Post.

2. The Chicago Teachers’ Strike Is Unlike Any Other in Recent Memory

A new, militant caucus has led CTU to strike, and gained the support of the general public. But this most recent one is a risk, in part because it may not be legal. Vice explains what’s going on.

3. Lorraine Hansberry and Chicago Segregation

The author of A Raisin in the Sun was inspired by her family’s history, which included an important Supreme Court case. Natalie Y. Moore tells the story in The History Reader.

4. CPS Principal Troy LaRaviere Whacks Rahm—and Still Keeps His Job

His bad experience with CPS as a student led him to become a teacher, and then a principal at one of the district’s best neighborhood schools. Chicago sits down with the educational gadfly.

5. John Macsai’s Architecture by Accident

He’s the man behind the (in)famous Purple Hotel, but he’s also responsible for more of the Chicago skyline than you think. The Reader comes to praise his work.

6. It’s Not Just Police Shooting Scandals: Why Prosecutors Across the Country Are Finally Losing Elections

Anita Alvarez was just one of the incumbents who lost her job as public opinion shifts on law and order. The Huffington Post looks at the trend.

7. The Rent Is Too Damn High in Chicago (and Most Places)

The number of Chicagoans paying a high percentage of their rent is way up—especially in poor neighborhoods. Chicago maps the problem.

8. Obama Gets Scant Credit in Indiana Region Where Recovery Was Robust

Elkhart was the first place the new president visited—and he came back three times. Unemployment was over 20 percent there the first time. Now it’s 3.8 percent. The New York Times revisits the northern Indiana city.

9. This Program Could Lower Health Care Costs in Chicago

Want to keep people out of the hospital? Keep them in housing. Crain’s details an innovative program.

10. How Jake Arrieta Came Back from the Baseball Dead

It starts with… pilates? Sports Illustrated profiles the Cubs’ star.