1. Are You Worthy of This Man’s Coffee?

Sparrow Coffee Roastery makes some of the city’s best roasts. But only for restaurants that meet the owner’s high standards. Chicago magazine profiles Chris Chacko.

2. Beyond the L: A Proposal for South Side Public Transit

Access is poor—but we don’t necessarily need a new L line to improve it drastically. South Side Weekly lays out a plan.

3. The Amateur Abortionists

Before Roe v. Wade, a Chicago group called Jane ran an underground abortion network, and soon began to train women to do it themselves. The New York Times tells its story.

4. The New Generation of Ballparks Is Pushing Us Away

Why does Wrigley feel so much homier than Guaranteed Rate Field? The cheap seats are closer to the action. But the trend is going the wrong way. Fangraphs demonstrates the problem.

5. 9 Questions for Martha Nussbaum

The reknowned University of Chicago philosopher talks about what she reads, her biggest influences, and favorite books. Vox sits down with the professor and writer.

6. I Want to Hear Chicago’s West Side Stories

The city is often divided into North and South, but there’s a whole other side, literally, to the city. Natalie Moore mines the gap for the Sun-Times.

7. World on the Street: A Fooditor Guide to Devon Avenue

A food writer who spent 14 years in India as a kid, but grew up all over, finds connection (and disconnection) along the famous street. Fooditor pays a visit.

8. Despite Decriminalization, Chicago’s Grass Gap Persists

The city’s vaunted effort didn’t really work, but a new state law has almost stopped arrests for the possession of small amounts of marijuana. The Reader looks at the trends.

9. Watchdog Details How Top Democrats Under ex-Gov. Quinn Got State Jobs for Friends, Family

Unqualified candidates padded payrolls, while qualified ones were left without jobs. The Tribune investigates.

10. Like It or Not, Chicago’s About to Get a Lot Less Orange

The city’s distinctive sodium-vapor lights are giving way to LEDs, the latest technology in a long effort to get the light just right. Chicago magazine explores the history.