1. The Shape of Water

Will climate change drown Chicago? Or will it be one of the few American cities to adapt, and even thrive? Chicago magazine considers the future.

2. We Must Destroy This Family in Order to Save It

An Illinois woman needed more help for her son than she could provide. In order to get it, she had to give him up. This American Life tells her story.

3. Where Should We Send Our Daughter to School in Chicago?

Not only are there lots of schools to choose from—they all have lots of implications. Natalie Moore looks at her options in the Sun-Times.

4. Kenneth Josephson: The Chicagoan Who Pioneered the Selfie

He might be the best photographer you’ve never heard of. That’s ok with him. The Tribune profiles the veteran artist.

5. The Justice Department Just Lost a Major Sanctuary City Case

The 7th Circuit backed Chicago’s claim that the feds can’t deny the city funding based on its sanctuary policies. Buzzfeed reports on the decision.

6. Evangelical Leaders Discuss Future of Their Movement in Trump Era

Some 80 percent of white evangelical Christians voted for the president. Prominent leaders in the movement gathered at Wheaton College to figure out what that means. Religion News Service pries back the closed-door meeting.

7. Chicago’s Gang Database Is Full of Errors—And Records We Have Prove It

There are 163 people in their 70s or 80s among the 128,000 people in the records… and 13 who are 118 years old. ProPublica Illinois digs up the data.

8. Bring Back the Coach Houses

Zoning makes the backyard dwellings almost impossible to build, even though they can benefit renters, owners, and communities. Chicago Cityscape explains.

9. Grave of Andreas von Zirngibl

How did a one-armed Bavarian who fought at Waterloo end up buried in a scrapyard on the Calumet River? Atlas Obscura follows his journey.

10. Developers Plan Chicago’s Second-Tallest Tower at Tribune Site

The proposal to turn Tribune Tower into condos came with a surprise: a brand-new Chicago skyscraper. Chicago magazine details the pitch.