1. Rage, Riots, Ruin

50 years ago on April 5, Chicago’s West Side burned. In places, you can see the scars. The Tribune examines past and present there.

2. Staying Power: Inside the Last Days of One of Chicago’s Few Remaining Cage Hotels

SROs, or single-room-occupancy hotels, used to house tends of thousands of Chicagoans, many of them mentally ill. As they pass into the hands of developers, what comes next? SJNN goes inside.

3. The Easy Guide to Being an Urban Farmer

Want to get going with a starter garden, grow some edible plants on your windowsill, or even raise chickens and bees in your backyard? Here’s how. Chicago magazine walks you through.

4. A Chicago Cop’s Daughter’s Suicide Sets Family on Mission

Carli Blanco was a straight-A student with tremendous gifts. She’d just been accepted to Whitney Young just before her death. Her parents worked through their grief by addressing the school she would have gone to. The Reader tells their story.

5. Which CPS Elementary Schools Send the Most Kids to Top High Schools?

One-third of students at Payton, the city’s highest performing one, come from private or suburban schools. WBEZ runs the numbers.

6. The Unfulfilled Promise of Fair Housing

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s sojourn in Chicago led to the passage of the Fair Housing Act—but not all of its mission was made reality. The Atlantic looks at the history.

7. Plot Thickens in Sewage Treatment Race

Cameron Davis won the primary with tens of thousands of write-in votes. Then Bruce Rauner appointed a replacement for the seat of the late MWRD member that Davis wants to fill. Now Rauner argues his appointment is good until 2020. The Sun-Times unravels the arguments.

8. How Chicago’s Leading Latino Progressive Bested the Democratic Party Machine

Chuy García won the primary to replace retiring Rep. Luiz Gutierrez by a handy margin. And his coattails carried some millennial progressives in down-ballot races. HuffPost sits down with the likely November winner.

9. As Emergency Goalie Scott Foster Stood Tall for Chicago, His Friends Had a Blast Watching the Show

It was a normal night at Johnny’s Ice House—until a beer-league member played almost 15 minutes in the NHL. Sports Illustrated talks to the accountant’s (non-Blackhawks) teammates.

10. Meet Aspiring Trans Wrestler Lola Starr

Her transition has given her the confidence to follow her dreams, which includes training to compete in the Premier League. Chicago magazine follows her journey.