1. The Stairwell

In exclusive interviews, Paul Bauer’s widow and the man accused of killing Bauer reveal the lifelong paths that led to a fateful February encounter. Chicago magazine gets their stories.

2. The Life and Death of Homaro Cantu, the Genius Chef Who Wanted to Change the World

He rose from homelessness to the heights of the food world—then killed himself at the age of 38. But his ideas live on. The Guardian tells the tale.

3. HUD Long Neglected These Residents. Now As They Move Out, Some Feel HUD Let Them Down Again.

The department struggled to maintain public housing in Cairo, Illinois. Now they’re struggling to move its residents out. The Southern Illinoisan and ProPublica investigate.

4. The Father of Three Bracing for Deportation

He fled Guatemala looking for political asylum. He taught himself English from a dictionary, got a GED, and worked as an accountant. One of his daughters, a DACA recipient, is a medical student. Now the government might send him back. Guernica recounts his journey.

5. WBEZ Women Reporters on Race, Gender, and Class in Journalism

Two-thirds of journalism and communication grads are women, but only one-third of journalists are. What happens in between? Monica Eng, Natalie Moore, and Linda Lutton discuss the issue on Worldview.

6. Culture Shock: Teachers Call Noble Charters ‘Dehumanizing’

It has a prestigious rep, but a high teacher-turnover rate. For many, the “culture” isn’t a good fit. NPR Illinois talks with them.

7. What About ‘The Breakfast Club’?

Lots of teens saw themselves reflected in the movies of John Hughes. How do they look in the #MeToo era? The director’s “muse,” Molly Ringwald, looks back for the New Yorker.

8. The Future of America’s Economy Looks Like Elkhart, Indiana

The RV-manufacturing capital of America was hit hard by the recession. Now companies can’t hire enough people. The Wall Street Journal visits.

9. Chicago Rapper Supa Bwe Laps the Pack

His dad was an aspiring MC and he learned at his feet—but he loved rock. Putting the two together made him one of the most influential, if not one of the best known, rappers in America. The Reader sits down with him.

10. Tammy Duckworth Just Gave Birth, But She Can’t Take Maternity Leave

She’s not alone, but she and lawmakers around the world are fighting to change the rules. Chicago magazine explains.