1. Where Is Gentrification Happening? Follow the Mayors

Richard M. Daley moved to South Loop. Rahm lives in Ravenswood. And Lori Lightfoot bopped around Wicker Park before settling in Logan Square. Chicago’s Edward McClelland looks at the pattern.

2. The Story Behind Chicago’s Own Queso Fresco Is a Story of Immigrant Triumph

The Villaseñor family behind the beloved V&V Supremo cheese factory have built their legacy on hustle, imagination and family. Eater has the profile.

3. Ald. Ed Burke’s Wave of Ward Projects Boosted His Legal Practice, Powered His Re-Election

Burke touted development deals for his 14th Ward in winning a February re-election despite the cloud of federal corruption charges. The not-entirely surprising plot twist: Burke’s law firm had financial ties to most of those deals. The Better Government Association follows the money.

4. Smell Like Mike

A fragrance expert reviews the Bulls star’s phenominal ’90s failure that was Michael Jordan cologne. SB Nation argues that Jordan failed because he was ahead of its time.

5. Chicago’s Gangs Have Changed. Our Violence Intervention Strategies Should Too.

Today’s gangs in Chicago have less in common than ever with their predecessors. The organizational structure and functions have changed. Why haven’t the anti-violence tactics move the same way? A Chicago Reporter op-ed makes the case for a new plan.

6. A Serial Killer May Be Preying on Black Women in Chicago

For years, Black residents on the city’s South and West Sides have wondered if a there was a connection tying together the dozens of unsolved murders of Black women that have spanned the decades. Now, after a report from the Murder Accountability Project, the FBI is involved. WBEZ sits down with MAP founder Thomas Hargrove to learn more.

7. Weed Whacked

As Illinois eyes legalizing recreational cannabis, how will the state make amends to the communities of color who disproportionately bore the harm of the drug war? The Reader searches for answers.

8. Home Histories: American System-Built Homes

Frank Lloyd Wright is celebrated for his aesthetic eye, but his true inspiration when it came to residential architecture was building homes that were affordable. The Beverly neighborhood still holds examples of that ideal. South Side Weekly explores Beverly’s legacy of Wright’s affordable housing designs.

9. The City’s Newest Billionaire Doesn’t Plan to Die One

Paylocity founder Steve Sarowitz and his wife, Jessica are newly-minted billionairesto who plan to give $1 billion to charity during their lifetimes and shutter the family foundation when they die. Crain’s catches up with the couple who are living the mantra “you can’t take it with you.”

10. Great-Grandfather, 90, Set to Become Northeastern Illinois University’s Oldest Confirmed Graduate

Soon-to-be graduate Bob Dwyer is making good on a dream he’s nursed for more than 70 years. The Tribune shares his story.