I was bartending the day the news came over the TV that the governor was closing all of the restaurants because of this fucking pandemic.

That’s the moment I lost the job I’d had for a year and a half. I was in shock. It’s like, what’s going to happen next? Money was tight. I still had a little bit coming in from dogsitting and babysitting but not enough to survive.

About a week and a half after being laid off, I decided to start my own OnlyFans page, @lifeofkendra. It’s something I learned about through a sexual health influencer I follow on Instagram who also sells custom-built dildos. It's a site where I post photos and videos to my own individual page and people pay to subscribe to it. It’s been described as the Patreon of porn. It’s different from live camming. I do a little bit of that once every four days or so on the website Chaturbate, but I don’t really like interacting with people while stripping. It’s too awkward. I usually end up just talking to people and they tip me in tokens and I cash it out at the end of the month.

I chose the alias Kendra Kemper because it’s somewhat close to my real name and Ed Kemper is my favorite serial killer. Naming myself for serial killers is fun. It goes with my persona: I have tattoos and an alternative vibe. I’m catering to the kind of man that likes Suicide Girls.

I try to post three or four times a day. Mostly random nudes and videos with solo performances. Coronavirus porn is trending right now — people wearing masks while having sex — but it’s not really my thing. Once in a while, I do videos with friends. Pretty much all of my friends know I do this.

There’s a girlfriend of mine who started her own OnlyFans page because she saw how well mine was doing. I broke quarantine to go to her house and have sex with her for a video that we both posted to our sites. Don’t worry, we took precautions; we took showers, and didn’t have coronavirus symptoms.

First, I set my subscription rate at $30 a month and I couldn’t believe how many people signed up. In the first two weeks, I made three grand just from subscriptions. Now it’s up to $5,000. It's not like I'm living a life of luxury now, but I'm definitely able to pay my rent and feed myself. I'll be fine.

I posted an Amazon wish list, and a few of my subscribers have bought me fun stuff to interact with on camera. So far, I got a dildo, a lingerie set, and a blue wig.

OnlyFans tells me I’m in the top 8 percent of performers, which is crazy to me, because there are so many girls doing this right now. I get others who are DMing me all the time asking for advice on how to start their own site. I'm surprised I make money because the market seems very oversaturated.

Why am I successful with it? I don’t know. I think it helped that I took my regular old Instagram account that wasn’t porn-related and changed it to promote my OnlyFans page. Most of my followers were already just horny guys waiting for a nip slip.

Also, people are crazy horny during quarantine. You should see some of the messages I get. Obviously, men be crazy horny all the time anyway, but now they're stuck inside and they can't see women, so there's definitely been a higher demand for porn.

Even when things go back to normal and I go back to bartending, I’ll keep doing OnlyFans as long as I’m making money. It’s so easy. It’s like — why not? It's not like I'm planning to be a doctor or lawyer someday.

I think OnlyFans is the future. It’s hard to social distance in strip clubs, and strippers are already using the site during lockdown. I’m not sure they’re going to want to go back to working clubs. I think the next big thing will be finding better ways to have virtual sex with people. That will be a huge moneymaker.

I don’t have any aspirations to be in mainstream porn because I don’t have the look for it. Plus, you can already find some of my videos on Pornhub if you know where to search. But I definitely don’t want anyone to find me immediately on the front page, or for my name to be the first thing you see when you Google “porn star.”

It’s already strange enough that my cousin knows that I do this. He just said, “That’s cool, I wish I could do it.”

Also, I know that my uncle watched one of my sexy Instagram Stories because you can see what profiles looked at them. I forgot to block him. Luckily, it hasn’t come up when my family and I do Zoom chats. We’re a repressed Irish family, so we never talk about anything.