The old Chicago public-access show The Pulse, an indie-music show from the dawn of indie-music, has found a home on YouTube. I was born too late, or too soon.

* Daver, "Secret Life" (Daver is the bandleader; featuring Jimmy Chamberlin on drums)

* The Shoes, "When Push Comes to Shove" ("[O]ne of the first groups of the late 70's to release home-recorded material, beginning with 1977's masterpiece Black Vinyl Shoes and predating the current bedroom indie-pop boom by nearly two decades.")

* Choo Choo Train (pre-Velvet Crush; filmed in Schaumburg)

* The Eisenhowers, "My Baby Wants a Tape Deck" (Ike Reilly's first band)

* Chac Mool (early art-industrial Slash signees)

* Get Smart!, "The Cancer" (out of the Lawrence, Kansas new-wave scene)