Quoteworthy stuff from the music festival

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"Clear eyes, full heart, my friend." #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
Little dragonflies over the crowd #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
"Where are all the 80s kids?" *silence* "Where are all the 90s kids?" *everybody screams* #OHatLollaEmmet Sullivan
"Because there are so few of us, let’s look at this as the best f***ing house party in America!" -DJ Nihal. #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"No one needs sleep if you get to go to Lollapalooza" -Bowerbirds pianist #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
We found love in a soapless place #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
"Who’s gonna save the world tonight?" -Calvin Harris and like 20,000 other people. #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
I’m basically the voice of kiss FM now #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
Bloc Party, they’re just like super British #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
Calvn Harris makes stars appear #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
Truffles are the new cheese #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
"Jack White is a rock-and-roll legend." #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
Theres nothing cool here, this is three days of shit #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
Silence #OHatLOLLA Fishman
Fake #lolla t-shirts are $10. #OHatLOLLA Whitehouse
I found a beer in the bathroom! Taking it. #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
"It’s ok. We’re Chicagoans. We’ve survived winters here." #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"Let’s go to a bar." #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"Ooh, we could watch the Olympics!" #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"Really? They’re really doing this?" #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
C3 Supervisor just told me the park is going to be evacuated starting at 3:30 p.m. #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"Walk like a gangster!" #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"I love beautiful women." #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
Black Sabbath should be solid as long as their oxygen tanks don’t get in the way #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
That guy’s shirt is too tight for a back sweat-er #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
That guy’s not even cute, and he’s wearing crocs #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
You guys are fucking soldiers– tame impala #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
Overalls were a bad decision #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
James Franco’s younger brother is here. #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
RT @RayWhitehouse: "It’s time to dance and I’m going to dance with ya." -Afghan Whigs lead singer #OHatLOLLAThe Afghan Whigs
"It’s time to dance and I’m going to dance with ya." -Afghan Whigs lead singer #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"I should make a fake freelance pass." #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"Is that water? Are you sure?" #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"I’m just trying to stay cool." #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"He just texted me. And it was kind of hard to read." #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"Let’s get weird!" #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"Did I ask him for a hit already?" #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
I’ve been in chicago two days and spent $300. Damn. #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
USA!!! #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
It’s high school hell with the reincarnation of a million homecoming queens #OHatLOLLAElly Fishman
"Ok. So this is a problem. Beer is going down like water." #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"So it’s really nice that they recycle here but what about the rest of the year in Chicago?" #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"I don’t really want to see people I know." #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"I’m an athlete, I should be in the Olympics right now." Teenager at Toyota wheel. #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse
"I don’t suppose I could get a ride to a beer tent, could I?" #OHatLOLLARay Whitehouse