* Investigative journalism into jaywalking arrests in a semiurban part of Champaign, Illinois may not sound like like a sexy pitch, but Hoy's Jeff Kelly Lowenstein did a really interesting job with it—using data for the most petty of crimes as an entryway to race, policing, and urban planning.

The numbers are really pretty striking.

* WBEZ's great new "Curious City" series took on a question I've actually wondered about for awhile: why is there no bus on Elston? They answered it, but they also got deep into the process of deciding how bus routes are determined.

The CTA publishes a fair amount of data on the city's data portal, which includes some bus usage data.

* This is just really neat: the installation of a 400-foot rail bridge, assembled off-site.

It's a new grade separation at Torrance and 130th, part of the city's plan to eliminate its atrocious rail bottlenecks.