Photos: All Courtesy Brookfield Zoo

Look at him. Just look at him!

Add a new cutie to the list of baby animals you can see at Chicago zoos:

A new male snow leopard cub arrived at the Brookfield Zoo on June 13. The zoo announced the as-yet-unnamed cub in a statement this morning. It's the first cub for the 3-year-old parents, Sarani and Sabu. Sorry to be macabre, but you have to wonder if the Zoo waited a of couple months to make the news public after the sad passing of a baby dolphin there earlier this summer.

For now, the cub is in an off-exhibit den with his mom, Sarani. Until the cub is 3 months old, he will remain there bonding with his mom. His public debut is scheduled for mid-September.

So for now, you'll just have to see his cuteness online—the Brookfield Zoo promises updates on its Facebook page.


Oh hai! What a fluffer. 


You can see the cub in person starting some time in September.


Matt Weibler, a senior keeper for the Chicago Zoological Society, weighs a 2-month-old snow leopard cub that was born at Brookfield Zoo on June 13.