1. ‘You Don’t Really Know Us,’ Chicago Kids Tell News Media

Fifth-graders talk to NPR about how South Shore isn’t “Terror Town”—it’s their home. Weekend Edition hosts Rondayle Sanders and Damiontaye Rodgers.

2. Bruce Rauner Channelled Part of His Fortune to the Cayman Islands

It’s legal, but is it politically damaging to the gubernatorial candidate? The Sun-Times breaks the news.

3. ‘Transit Deserts’ Don’t Serve Workers, Study Says

As prices for housing near public transportation rise, low-income workers make long, frustrating commutes to their jobs. The Tribune finds the holes in our transit system.

4. A Low-Level Drug Dealer Gets Caught Between the Money and the Violence of the Heroin Trade

How one young man—a Gangster Disciple since the age of 11—rose through the ranks and risks of drug dealing. The Chicago Reader tells his story.

5. Transit of Tomorrow

Bold ideas for how Chicago could reinvent its transportation infrastructure. Chicago looks at the city’s future.

6. Feds Set to Divert Refugee Funds to Deal with Unaccompanied Minors

The flood of youth escaping violence in Central America could lead to drastic cuts to existing refugee services around Chicago. WBEZ analyzes the ramifications.

7. Want to Take Back Chicago? Here’s How, Say Activists

Voting out the mayor isn’t the only way to change the city—locals are planning to push aldermen to challenge Emanuel. In These Times has a political preview.

8. Women in the Sciences Report Harassment and Assault

A study led by professors from UIC and the U of I finds that scientific fieldwork is often carried out in hostile environments. The Huffington Post gives the study’s authors a venue.

9. Chicago: Not the Murder Capital, Never Has Been

The city has historically been more violent than New York City or Los Angeles, but many Southern and Midwestern cities surpass our metropolis. Chicago goes back through history.

10. Memo Shows What Lawmakers Think of Quinn

“It is not a pretty view.” The Pantagraph pulls back the curtain.