1. What Lies at the Bottom of the Playpen, Chicago’s Floating Daytime Clubland

Just off Lake Michigan, there’s a spot where boaters gather to drink, swim, and be seen. The Reader hangs out at the floating bacchanal.

2. A Year Later, Loyola Still Alone in Enrolling Undocumented Students

The local school appears to be the only one in America accepting DREAM Act applicants to study medicine. Crain’s checks in on the program.

3. Why the Summer Music Festival Bubble Is About to Burst

Noticed how many festivals there are now? So have a lot of Chicagoans in the music business. Wondering Sound explains the tenuous economics of the trend.

4. West Garfield Park: Chicago’s Highest Homicide Rate, Lowest Life Expectancy

It’s one of the most troubled neighborhoods in the city, but residents hope they’ve hit a turning point. RedEye visits the West Side community.

5. Why a Chicago Team Has Become the Little League World Series’ Biggest Success Story

A regular in the Great Lakes region finals, the local youth dynasty broke through to the national competition. Forbes follows the Washington Heights-based stars.

6. The Dirty, Dark Side of George Lucas’s Museum Plan

Placing the building on the lakefront could involve pricey environmental remediation of a century-old garbage dump. The Better Government Association unearths the site’s history.

7. Why Millions of Americans Still Use AOL

The dinosaur of dial-up still has a surprising number of adherents, revealing the gaps in broadband coverage in the state and nation. Chicago magazine charts the old internet giant’s persistence.

8. More Chicago Kids Say ‘No’ to Their Neighborhood Grammar School

The effects of school choice are being felt around the city, as enrollment at assigned schools has declined substantially since 2000. WBEZ maps the change.

9. South Side Mom a Baby Photographer to Chicago’s Sports Stars

The West Pullman resident, self-taught artist, and daughter of a basketball pro got her break shooting Derrick Rose’s child. DNA Info profiles Naja Lerus.

10. Why Crime Is So High In Certain Chicago Neighborhoods

A recent study looks at why some neighborhoods have improved, some have gotten worse, and some continue to struggle. Chicago delves into the causes.