1. Photographer for Sun-Times Captures Protests in Ferguson

Alex Wroblewski spent Sunday night in the Missouri town and took stunning pictures of the unrest. The Sun-Times shows what’s happening just across the Illinois border.

2. Why the Chicago Cubs’ Inverted Rebuilding Strategy Is Starting to Look Brilliant

The lovable losers are taking an unusual route to the playoffs. And they could be there sooner than you think. Grantland says to wait ’til next year.

3. Chicago’s Thompson Center in Sad Shape

The salmon-colored monstrosity has never been beloved, and now it’s suffering from a lack of care. The Tribune checks in on the ill-fated building.

4. Why It’s Time for Working Mothers to Stop Apologizing

They can’t be there 24/7 for their kids, but they can be good role models. Local writer Claire Zulkey gives work/life advice in Fast Company.

5. Facing Reelection, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Sees Falling Poll Numbers

“He just decides what needs to be done like a CEO of a corporation.” The Christian Science Monitor takes Chicago’s political pulse.

6. Why and How Chicago Neighborhoods Gentrify—and When

A veteran sociologist finds that there’s a “threshold” for change. Chicago magazine applies the numbers to currently gentrifying communities.

7. William H. Macy Recalls His Start in Chicago Theater

David Mamet was “the mayor of that town” when Macy was 22, had just started the St. Nicholas Theater, and was working on a children’s show called Captain Marbles. Variety talks to the legendary actor.

8. EDM Banned from Congress Theater for Current and Future Owners

Want to play the Logan Square venue? Better have a vocalist or instrumentalist. DNAinfo reports on the new agreement with the city.

9. Did Controversial Tweets Cost Steven Salaita His U. of I. Professorship?

The Virginia Tech prof left his job for a tenured one at the state’s flagship university. Then the offer was recinded. The Reader explains what happened in the meantime.

10. Marijuana in Illinois

Want to be a ganjapreneur? Here’s how. Chicago magazine walks through the process.