1. Leaderless Chicago Street Gangs Vex Police Efforts to Quell Violence

For decades, they were violent, but in a predictable way. Now the rules are “nonexistent.” The Tribune explains the change.

2. Why Are So Many Professors Moving Out of Illinois?

They’re trading pay cuts and loss of tenure for more stable institutions elsewhere. Crain’s explores their departures.

3. Can Vic Mensa Radicalize Lollapalooza?

The young Chicago rapper is taking a political turn in his career. How far can he take it? The Reader profiles him on the eve of his breakthrough appearance.

4. Why Did Facebook Issue a “Safety Check” for Violent Crime in Chicago?

Users have become accustomed to them during high-profile tragedies, but a recent one for Back of the Yards marks a new phenomenon. Chicago checks it out.

5. Visualizing Chicago as an Abandoned Metropolis

Through editing and patience, Michael Salisbury creates a Chicago without people. Curbed Chicago presents his eerie work.

6. A Tale of Resale: How Big Chains’ Produce Ends Up in Local Grocery Stores

It starts in Pilsen and ends up in Chicago’s unique wholesale market. WBEZ follows its path.

7. How Zero-Tolerance Policing Pits Poor Against Poor

A new U. of C. prof shares what he learned in Los Angeles. Mother Jones excerpts his new book Down, Out, and Under Arrest.

8. The Fooditor Guide to the Maxwell Street Market

Fresh fruit cocktails, corn fungus quesadillas, and pork-stomach tacos are among the wide array of offerings. (And you can still buy socks there.) Fooditor travels its length.

9. How the Party of Lincoln Lost Virtually the Entire Black Vote in 88 Years

Donald Trump is polling at literally zero among black voters in two battleground states. It’s the end of a process that began with Herbert Hoover. Chicago magazine tells the story.

10. Friendly Competition

The Chicago music/dance genre of footwork went international a few years ago. The dance crew The Era wants the world to know how far back it goes. South Side Weekly listens in.