1. The Contradictions of Chicago Police’s Secretive List

The Strategic Subject List is supposed to predict who’s most likely to be involved in violence. But we don’t know much about it—and what we do know doesn’t always make sense. Chicago magazine investigates.

2. Escaping One of the Nation’s Worst Environmental Disaster Zones

East Chicago residents have to leave home, which can include leaving lead- and arsenic-poisoned furniture as well, along with jobs and social networks. The Washington Post visits.

3. Life Beyond the Headlines in Englewood

Tonika Johnson, born and raised in the neighborhood, came late to the arts and uses her photography to bring them to her home. The Reader presents her work.

4. A Woman Who Said She Had Underage Sex with R. Kelly Is Finally Telling Her Story

She met him outside his child pornography trial. Her account matches that of others. And she’s going public. Buzzfeed talks to Jerhonda Pace.

5. Dick Gregory, Who Rose from Poverty to Become a Groundbreaking Comedian and Civil Rights Activist, Dies at 84

The St. Louis native and SIU track star got his big break in Chicago when Hugh Hefner needed a fill-in at the Playboy Club—where he killed it in front of an audience of white Southern frozen-food-industry execs. The Los Angeles Times remembers him.

6. Working to Stay Safe

Summer jobs rebuilding CPS auditoriums not only keep teens off the street and get them paid—they also get kids from schools around the city to get along. WBEZ explores the program.

7. The Night They Turned On the First NBA Jam Machine

Chicago-based Midway Games debuted the future classic at Dennis’s Place for Games, a legendary local arcade chain (and sanctuary for homeless teens) run by a Greek immigrant and former pro boxer. Kotaku looks back.

8. Album Premiere: Nick Photinos, Petits Artéfacts

The Eighth Blackbird co-founder strikes out on his own with a new work of miniatures for cello, piano, percussion, and electronics. I Care If You Listen streams his first solo album.

9. Best Private Schools

Whether you want a global education, good sports, or an unusually creative approach, the area’s private high schools offer a broad menu of great qualities. Chicago magazine gives some advice for parents.

10. DJ Taye’s “Burnin Ya Boa” Extends Chicago’s Dance Tradition

The 23-year-old producer became a rising star in the footwork genre by bringing warmth (and real instruments) to its jittery beats. The New Yorker praises his new song.