You might want to think twice before overpaying for those hot dogs the next time you're at the ol’ ballgame.

After analyzing health inspection data of Major League Baseball venues, Sports Illustrated ranked the best and worst stadiums for food safety.

Curious how we stack up?

While Wrigley might not have taken top honors, No. 8 of 28 isn't too shabby. (Only 28 stadiums out of 30 were ranked, since Cleveland and Detroit didn't cough up the records.) The Friendly Confines had the third-fewest critical violations among the 48 food stands inspected in the stadium. Among the eight critical violations: improper food storage and improper rodent-and inspect proofing. (No rodent activity or droppings were observed during inspections.) A major upside, more than half of the inspected food stands registered zero violations.

Further down the list, the stadium formerly known as Comiskey ranked 18.

Guaranteed Rate Field racked up 28 critical violations among the 43 food stands inspected. Among the stadium's shortcomings: cold food kept 30 degrees (!) above regulated temperatures, mice droppings, and unreachable hand sinks for employees.

These violations might give Sox fans pause before ordering those Tater Tachos, but at least it isn’t Tropicana Field, which registered more than 100 critical violations this year—25 violations in one stand alone. Congrats to the Rays for finally being on top of the MLB for something.

If you're feeling a little queasy about all this, don't worry: The Sports Illustrated analysis says fans shouldn’t be too concerned unless those violations are found across concession stands within a stadium.

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks, anyone?