Theo Epstein

Phil Velasquez captures the city's instantly most prominent sports figure looking dapper—without the telltale warning track, it could be a Macy's ad. It's a new era: with an aging team slowly emerging out of crippling long-term contracts, the most interesting thing about the Cubs is its management, where all its star power lies. Since the Epstein/Hoyer months have been responsibly modest so far, here's a look at another Cub, courtesy of Jonathan Eig: Adam Greenberg, whose unlikely and somewhat random journey to the major leagues ended with a beanball to the head and a case of positional vertigo. Six years later, he's again battling his way back to the big leagues.

Hundreds of players have seen their big-league careers begin and end with one turn at bat. But to get just one pitch? And to have that pitch hit you in the head and knock you silly? To have that pitch leave you with months of dizziness and screaming headaches? To have that pitch put you out of the big leagues for good?

Nothing like it had ever happened in the sport.

Photograph: Chicago Tribune