Don't miss Carol Felsenthal on the similarities between Blago and Big Jim. On to the sentencing. Scroll down for Storify updates from around the Internet.

Update: Based on what I'm reading, Judge Zagel seems ill-disposed towards Blagojevich; agrees with feds that 30 to life is excessive. I'm going with 20 years, which I think is the over. Doesn't help that Sam Adam Jr. seems to have been replaced with Caleb Hanie.

Update II: Oh noes….

Update III: My favorite joke so far.

Update IV: Yeah, it's a bit slow right now, but Blago might be on the stand this afternoon.

Update V: My favorite moment so far: the defense said Blago "came from nothing"; Judge Zagel challenged them on it, saying that an intact immigrant family is a reflection of the American dream. Anyway, that was a fun little sociopolitical/economic diversion.

Update VI: While the court is at lunch, be sure to check out the Trib opinion piece by Alison Ziegler of the U. of C. law school on how Blago is getting off easy: "The U.S. attorney's office is treating Blagojevich shockingly differently than it treats poor, minority defendants charged with less serious crimes." She also discussed Blago on Chicago Tonight earlier this year.

Update VII: Calling it: best Blago tweet ever.

Update IIX: The most important question of the afternoon session: what literature will Blagojevich cite in his own defense?